ERP has helped a lot of businesses in managing their operations. Now businesses don't have to devote the day fighting their business figures, their employees and their processes. ERP get their crucial business information in time. As a result, now top business leaders are able to find an ample amount of time to do other strategic work.

1.So how come that if ERP has a magic formula, yet people have diverse experiences with it.
2.The reasons can be various and there are no decisive reasons which can be singled out for the success or failure of the ERP.
3.On the other hand, it surely will be a mixture of the reasons given below. Take sufficient precautions against these reasons, before you go into the ERP.
4.Your ERP implementation will be a great success if you do take these precautions.

People buy ERP because it will solve plenty of their problems: There is no ERP which can be a cure for all your problems. If you are purchasing an Organizer, the Organizer alone is not able to help you plan or accomplish. You have to aid the Organizer for it to be capable to aid you to manage your time superior.

In the same way, an ERP can only help you solve your problems. So if your expectation from ERP is that it is some kind of magic wand, then an ERP failure is without the doubt on the Cards. Just stay away from the Vendor's forceful Sales Teams which assure that ERP is a magic wand.

Not really knowing what you and the Users requirements: This is one of the most common glitches found throughout the ERP implementation. Individuals just don't know what to do after they have purchased the ERP. The ERP implementation vendor displays you a small number of processes and takes a sign-off from you for the implementation. There are vendors which are least bothered to comprehend the User's requirements.

1.Their job is simply to do the whole thing instinctively and move on. As an outcome when the Users get to use the Software, they learn that it’s far from what they required.
2. Either the ERP procedures don't suit them rightly or the ERP vendor is reluctant to design the software to their processes.
3. As a consequence, sooner or later such implementations turn unsuccessful or people just use the ERP to do some basic work only like Item Receipt, taking out POs, Basic Finance transactions etc. So though you have bought an airplane, now you are only using it as a Wagon.

Time expectations: All through the Sales process, you will hear from Vendor's Sales teams that you will Go-Live with the ERP just within a month or two. If you get such aggressive time plans, you are headed for calamity. The reality is that ERP implementations can from 4 months to a year.

Your ERP implementation is guaranteed for success if you guard yourself well against these points. And you can certainly find yourself enough time for the development of your company.

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